About Janine Maves/Althea Peregrine

Sweet Roshi Hope-Springs-Eternal DawgPriyankaChiffon Picasso scarf

I studied all over the East and Midwest and have a degree in painting and printmaking.  I’m also all-but-dissertation an M.A. in art history.
I’ve been a silk painter for over 20 years. The process of making art is both meditative and spontaneous: touch the paintbrush to silk and watch the color flow; move the images around the collage, draw in details, and the meaning becomes clearer. One piece leads to the next.  My items are made one at a time — each is unique. You can see my silkwork on Etsy or on my website.  I’m also a mixed media artist.  Many of my sculpture/collages are pictured on my website.
I’m a born and bred Yankee, now living in the South and missing the cold.  My kids have moved on smiling, my dog is my hero, and my husband has loved me lo these 32 years.  Life is good. 


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  • 1. kiriririri  |  24 June 2009 at 9:48 pm

    hi mum,

    i like my picture 🙂 i wish all seals could just be taken home instead of having to eat sand because they are displaced and then killed because they bit a tech. poor little sealy.

    i love you.


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