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25 January 2010 at 8:29 pm Leave a comment

in regard to promotion efforts.  I’ve had such a great few weeks travelling and visiting museums that all I want to do is get into my studio and sort out all the ideas rampaging through my brain.  That coupled with the fact that my new computer had to be sent back to the manufacturer has got me out of the blog habit.

Hub and I took the train the New York this month, and it’s a good thing he loves museums as much as I do.  The crowds were amazing considering it was January and frigid.  The city is so outrageous, I think we could spend each visit just people watching.   

guggenheim The Guggenheim‘s Kandinsky retrospective was the biggest draw in getting us to New York.  We spent hours going through it, mostly on the early and transitional work.  Considering the Spiritual in Art and the phenomenon of synesthesia have contributed more than anything else to my art journey.

Georgia O’Keeffe at the Whitney didn’t do much for me, but the Roni Horn show was mesmerizing.  I was also looking forward to visiting NYU’s Center for Ancient Studies.  The exhibit was great, but the signage was irritating.

rubinHub is the greatest travel agent, researching everything beforehand and taking me to sites previously unknown (to me, anyway).  The Rubin Museum was such a treat — a beautiful museum and each show on its six floors was fascinating and beautifully presented.  They’ve got a terrific web application so you can build your own mandala.

deszo We were both smitten by Andrea Dezso’s tunnel books at the Museum of Art and Design.   If you can’t make it to the museum for Slash: Paper Under The Knife, visit the website.

From Klimt to Klee at the Neue Gallery celebrates the museum’s founder more than the artists, but it’s always worth it to see Klee’s work.  (And they’ve got a terrific book shop.)

tresriche Now I need to get to the Cloisters to see The Art of IlluminationThe Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry is unbound for the first time in many years.  I’ll have to convince Hub that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 


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