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21 September 2008 at 9:25 am 4 comments

Ever since we got lost backpacking in the desert and ran out of water, Hub and I have joked to each other than one day we’re going to have one too many adventures.

Mom had an adventure last weekend and spent 16 hours in the emergency room before being admitted to the hospital.  She was released from the hospital after two days with a diagnosis of diverticulosis and is doing fine now, thank goodness.  Dad is almost totally blind and deaf, so he needs someone with him most of the time.

Hiking at Tahoe, 2005So, Hub and I started our beach trip a few days late, but had a terrific time sitting under an umbrella, hypnotized by the waves.  (The picture at right is actually of Lake Tahoe, but it’s a lovely picture, isn’t it?)  I walked down to the beach yesterday just before we planned to leave and a gust of wind took my hat.  I ran after it and got tumbled by the waves, but came up laughing with my hat in my hand.  It wasn’t until Hub asked where my glasses were that I realized they were gone.  (I had treated myself to rimless glare-coated scratch-resistant titanium bifocals with specially fitted sunglass attachment for my 50th birthday . . . the company I worked for at the time had excellent vision insurance.)  I’ll have the discount 24-hour glasses shop call the expensive doc for my Rx tomorrow.  Sigh.   Philip says I’m now the proud owner of a straw hat worth $580.   I woke from a nap on the drive home yesterday, blinking like a fish and pushing my imaginary glasses up my nose, and suddenly realized that I’d hurt myself in the fall and triggered a fibromyalgia flare.

Now I can’t see and I can’t hold anything in my left hand, and I’ve got five appointments this week, but can’t drive.  One of my crowns came off in my birthday cake a few weeks ago, and I cracked an old filling on the other side of my mouth trying to protect the crown-less tooth.  I’m s’posed to start a crown replacement Wed. and a root canal Thurs. and finish three show entries by Oct. 1st.  I was going to do an outdoor show Oct. 4th.  Today’s my dear friend’s 81st birthday (Happy Birthday, Alice!) and I haven’t even sent my own kids a birthday card for last week.

I think I need something stronger than Calgon to take me away.  Sheesh.


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  • 1. Nanette Davis  |  21 October 2011 at 10:14 am

    What a beautiful picture of Lake Tahoe. I have actually been there and it is gorgeous. Glad you enjoyed your stay there.

  • 2. Jazmyn Sunglass  |  21 September 2008 at 7:55 pm

    Keep on the good job! Jazmyn Sunglass

  • 3. Liv  |  21 September 2008 at 1:38 pm

    This gave me a chuckle, but I am sorry about your “expensive hat.” Sometimes vacations are more stressful than staying home. 🙂

  • 4. onawhimsey  |  21 September 2008 at 9:58 am

    So, apart from that you had a good time!! BANG!


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