The fall of civilization

25 January 2008 at 3:19 am Leave a comment

I opened up a new bag of socks today — there’s nothing like cushy new socks. For some reason they came in a resealable plastic bag. Isn’t this overkill? What on earth am I supposed to do with this bag? Do I have to put my socks back in it each time they’re laundered? Isn’t this a sign of the fall?

At first I thought, “What thoughtlessness.”  Then I realized it was the opposite of thoughtlessness:  it was Marketing.  Much thought went into this.  I hope the person who came up with this brilliant waste of resources feels some modicum of irony at this use of his/her mental gifts. 

It’s evident all over the stores, this ridiculous packaging.  Is there anything worse than flat spinach?  Yes, actually, there is much in the world worse than bruised spinach.  Do I really need to buy it in a container that’s going to live longer than my children?  Isn’t it in the nature of spinach to get bruised around the edges?  Do Marketers really believe that if my batteries aren’t encased in battle-strength plastic, they’ll escape?  Where would they go?  At worst, it would be to the bottom of the plastic bag that will be somewhere on this planet when I’ve retired.  I’ll remember it fondly, and hope it didn’t do in some sea turtle or decorate a lovely old oak. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do recycle.  But I have a husband who travels and has seen the barges of recycled plastic goods from the USA pull into an east Asian harbor.  Apparently, we pay third world countries to take the shit we’re done with.  


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